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After receiving your order, our designers will create a digital proof based on the information you provide us within two business days. We will NOT print your order until you have received a digital proof and have given us your approval. You will have the chance to make changes to your design. You also have the option to see a printed proof before you have approved your order. There is a charge to print and mail these proofs. PLEASE NOTE that if you forego seeing a printed proof of your order all guarantees of reprints due to the way colors or pictures are printed will be voided and you will take full responsibility for any reprint costs. Final payment is due when you approve to print. Before doing so you will need to use the checklist provided with each proof to make sure there are no errors. We will not be responsible for any errors that have been approved. If you have additional questions, please contact us today.
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Our Blog
Cute DIY Touches To Add To Your Invites

If your wedding (and the budget for your wedding) is small, or if you just want to go the extra mile to make your invitations stand out from the rest, here are some simple DIY touches you can add to almost any invitation! Ribbon Try tying a cute themed ribbon around your invitations for an adorable touch! Or, hole punch two holes at the top of each invitation about an inch apart and tie a ribbon through it for a cute bow.   Gems A little bling never hurt anybody! You can buy tiny rhinestone stickers at any arts store... Read More

How To Pick The Perfect Style Of Invitation For Your Wedding

Everyone knows that your invitations set the primary tone for your wedding. They should give the guests an idea of what to expect on your big day! Here are some important factors to consider when picking out invitations:   -Wedding Theme Are you planning a rustic country wedding? A formal ball type of wedding? Or maybe you have a specific theme like hunting, masquerade, or Great Gatsby? Be sure to decide on a theme before ordering your invites. Generic invites can be fun, but invites that match a theme will send your guests running to pick out the perfect outfit... Read More

Tips for Mailing Your Wedding Invitations

Often times, brides and grooms-to-be forget to factor in what it will take to get those pretty invitations in the mail. With so many details that go into a wedding, from flowers, to the cake, the invitations are just as important! Remember, they're the first thing your guests receive and they offer a sneak peek of what's to come on. We've put together a few helpful tips to keep in mind when preparing to mail your invitations. Put it in the budget! Don't forget -- postage costs extra and is a necessity. Wedding invitations cost more than the standard letter... Read More

Invitations are the Best Way to Set the Style and Tone for your Wedding

You might be a fairytale-style bride or a more professional bride who doesn’t tolerate frilly. You might even be the girl next door with a laid-back attitude. Whatever your personal style, your tastes will set the look and feel of the wedding you’re planning. Over the years, weddings have changed and so have brides and grooms. For example, the average age of a bride has gone up, therefore more couples are choosing to pay for their own weddings. This trend is also causing changes in the overall theme of a given wedding. If you’re in the process of planning your... Read More

Wedding Invitation DONTS

Don’t be “SuperBride” The “superbride”. The one who thinks she can do it all. Until it’s two weeks to the wedding and there are place cards to be printed, programs to be designed, invitations that didn’t get stamped or sent, and the list goes on. Your family, your friends and the professionals in the industry are all here for you. When picking DIY (do-it yourself) projects, choose wisely. Choose tasks that are simple or extremely personal and enlist your family and friends to help out with that.   Don’t use pre-printed labels As we mentioned last week, your wedding invitations... Read More

Wedding Invitation Do’s

You are cordially invited… We request the honor of your presence… Please join us… It is so difficult to decide on the perfect wording, design and colors of invitations! We know. We get it. Nonetheless, it is important. Your invitations are your first impression to the entire event. Wedding or not. It sets the mood and remember that classic saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”? The invitation acts as your picture to your wedding. It tells the story of what your guests should expect on your big day. Here are some of my tips and picks when it... Read More

Ensure Invitations Convey more than the Date and Location

Wedding invitations often provide guests with a first glimpse of a wedding's style. Invitations also may serve as the means by which distant friends and relatives find out about a couple's pending nuptials if a formal announcement was not made. Guests will learn not only the time and the place of the wedding from the invitation, but also the formality of the event and the scope of the party that will follow. Couples should keep certain things in mind as they begin to design their wedding invitations: Have a good idea of your potential guest list. Before shopping for wedding... Read More

The Importance of the Wedding Invitations

Invitations are one of the most essential parts of planning a wedding because they set the tone of what guests are to expect on the wedding day while, at the same time, helping them prepare for your event. In turn, it will keep them out of the trash and in the memory books. Below are a few reasons why invitations are so important and the information you should include on them. Setting the Tone Have you ever received an invitation in the mail and been able to envision the wedding day? Well, if your answer is no, then you’ve probably... Read More

How Do Printable Wedding Invitations Work?

If you’re wondering what printable wedding invitations are and how they work, here What are printable wedding invitations? As its name suggests, printable wedding invitations are invites that are designed for you. Instead of being sent to you via mail, a printable file is delivered to you via email or through a digital download link. Printable wedding invitations are useful when the couple wants to… o have invitations printed and in-hand in a shorter amount of time o choose the style card stock onto which the invitations will be printed Where can you buy printable wedding invitations? Since it’s the... Read More

How to address wedding invitations

You may have finalized the guest list, but that doesn't mean your wedding work is done. (But you're so close!) Sending the invitations sounds like a hassle-free to-do (off to the calligrapher they go!), but now's not the time to slack off. Married Couple In this case, it is proper to use Mr. and Mrs. Spell out the husband's first name. If you decide to include the husband's middle name, it should be spelled out, not abbreviated as an initial. Single Female In the case of a single female guest, it is proper to use Ms. if she is over... Read More

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